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Welcome to the USTV community forums !
This is a place where users can share their stream for all other USTV users. All streams posted here must follow URI syntax that USTV can understand and intercept. The name of the stream is also required so other user can easily identify and add to their application.

Here is the posting syntax
<Channel Symbol>
<Source if any or Unknown for unnamed server>
<raw link>

All link must not have whitespace character, and must be substituted with URL encoded format, for example, space character must be substituted with %20


Symbol: Tom & Jerry
Source: Unknown
Raw link: "rtmp://"
Link: rtmp:// ... jerry.html

When clicking on this link, your browser may ask for an application to open, please select USTV as the opening application. Version 3.11 or greater is required to open this link. Saved stream will go into "Custom" section in the Channel list.

We won't responsible for any content in this forums.

Thank you and happy sharing !

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